Advertisement for Bids for Riverside Ranch Berm, Drainage, and Public Access Improvements Project

Humboldt County Resource Conservation District will accept bids for the Riverside Ranch Berm, Drainage and Public Access Improvements Project. Bids will be received at the office of GHD Inc., 718 Third Street, Eureka, California until 3PM, Pacific Daylight Time TUESDAY AUGUST 29, 2023. A mandatory pre-bid meeting is scheduled for MONDAY AUGUST 21, 2023 at 3PM at Riverside Ranch located at the end of Riverside Road near Ferndale, CA 95536.

Part 1 – 4 Front End Construction Documents

Part 5 – Technical Specifications

Part 5 – Appendix A – Permit Conditions

Part 5 – Appendix B – Nesting Bird Memo

Part 5 – Appendix C – Quantity Estimates

Part 6 – Plans

Part 7 – SWPPP

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-in Sheet

Addendum #1

Addendum #2

Bids Received

Figas Construction$ 2,520,326.00
McCullough Construction$ 2,735,418.08
Mercer-Fraser Company$ 3,118,115.00
Mobley Construction$ 3,663,650.00
Stimpel-Wiebelhaus Assoc.$ 4,727,000.00