Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project

The Humboldt County Resource Conservation District is lead agency on Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project, a multi-year, multi-agency, landowner-driven endeavor that takes a holistic, watershed-wide approach to address sediment, fish passage, flooding, and drainage issues in the Salt River Watershed of Ferndale. Increasingly frequent flooding, reduced drainage capacity, and sediment deposition has negatively impacted water quality and the ability of local landowners to effectively utilize their lands for agricultural purposes.

This ecosystem-scale project includes a large tidal wetland restoration component that created 330 acres of biologically rich and diverse tidal wetland habitats, including transitional wetlands and adjacent uplands and restoration of 7.2 miles of the Salt River channel. The Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project also includes long-term Adaptive Management Plan to manage and maintain the Project.

Looking for Watershed Reports & Documents?

Check out our Reports and Documents page for environmental compliance documents, Adaptive Management Plan, and monitoring reports.

Salt River Ecosystem map of base delineation

Salt River Watershed Council

The Salt River Watershed Council is a community based nonprofit that encourages long-term cooperative watershed management practices to sustain, protect, and improve water quality, drainage, aquatic and riparian habitat, and other natural resources, while contributing to long-term economic, agricultural and community sustainability in the coastal Salt River Watershed.

The views and opinions expressed by the Salt River Watershed Council do not necessarily represent those of the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District.

Organizational Information