The mission of the Humboldt County Resource Conservation District (HCRCD) is to assist private and public landowners in the planning, design, and implementation of soil, water, and forest resource conservation practices to improve and enhance natural and working lands in Humboldt County.


Our PRograms

  • Forest Health and Fire Resilience

    Successful forest management is essential to North Coast communities’ safety and economies. The Forest Health and Fire Resilience program helps to support the health and sustainability of our forest ecosystems through sound resource management, prioritization, and project funding.
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  • Agricultural Enhancement

    Working with agricultural producers to implement new and innovative practices on their lands.
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  • Salt River Watershed

    Leading one of the most ambitious ecosystem restoration projects on the west coast to improve habitats and agricultural production in the heart of the lower Eel River
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  • Watershed Restoration

    Restoring and enhancing habitats to promote diverse working landscapes and benefit fish, wildlife, and agriculture.
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