Adaptive Management

See potential maintenance needs on the Salt River?  An eroding bank?  A downed tree in the channel? 

The Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project uses an Adaptive Management approach for maintenance across the restoration project.  Community members can identify possible problems occurring in the restored Salt River channel corridor that may cause, or may be causing, damage to the function of the river.

Community members are asked to review, fill out, and submit a Landowner Request for Consideration of River Maintenance form when concerns are noted in the restored Salt River corridor.

Community members play a vital role in the long-term success of the Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project. For more opportunities for you to get involved, please periodically check this page for announcements. 

Two ways to submit a Landowner Request for Consideration of River Maintenance Form:

  1. Print and send via mail to 5630 South Broadway, Eureka, CA 95503
  2. Fill out the form electronically and send it to