Irrigation Water & Fertigation Management Plan

The Irrigation Water & Fertigation Management Plan tool can provide a framework for North Coast agricultural producers to understand optimal water and fertilizer usage for their crops.

An early morning view of an alfalfa field irrigated with a center pivot sprinkler system.

The Irrigation Water & Fertigation Management Plan (IWFMP) uses Excel workbooks as an input framework for agricultural producer inputs and is based on calculating a water and nutrient balance for a variety of crop types (system requirements: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 [or newer]). It is regionally adaptable for use throughout the North Coast to inform producers of optimal water and fertilizer usage for enhanced management of farm resources and to maximize crop production.

Producers input their farm-specific data, such as acreages, crop type, irrigation sources, application rates, pumping rates, irrigation schedule, and fertilizer applications. The model compiles this information to provide the user with a summary of current management and information for each designated land unit. The IWFMP can also incorporate farm-specific information equipment, information for soil moisture monitoring data, well water monitoring, and other agronomic information to better refine the outputs.

  • Understanding of Irrigation rates to meet crop evapotranspiration (ET) demands
  • Understanding of fertigation rates to meet crop demands
  • Potential to reduce energy costs by improving efficiency of irrigation practices
  • Better understanding of growing season, crop demands, and irrigation scheduling
  • A defensible and reproducible summary of crop moisture and nutrient demands

IWFMP Brochure / How-to

IWFMP Excel Workbook