Russ Creek and Centerville Slough Restoration Project

1,480 acres of tidal wetland to be restored.


The Project Area is approximately 1,480 acres in the Eel River Estuary west of the City of Ferndale, in Humboldt County, California. It encompasses the Eel River Wildlife Preserve, owned by The Wildlands Conservancy, and several other privately owned parcels. The Project is intended to restore tidal wetlands and protect adjacent agricultural lands from storm damage and sea level rise. Restoration work will reestablish tidal processes by excavating four miles of Centerville Slough to reconnect the estuary with tidal wetland sand tributary streams. The Project will also reconnect tidal channel networks and enhance approximately 500 acres of former wetlands previously diked and drained for agriculture. Revegetation and ongoing invasive species management will maintain newly restored areas. To protect adjacent agricultural lands from tidal inundation and overwash, the Project will repair an existing tide gate and construct a combination of set-back berms and back dunes incorporating fish-friendly gated culverts. A stretch of Russ Creek will be realigned, deepened, and planted with riparian vegetation. In summary, the Project will incorporate improvements to facilitate agricultural operations, Project maintenance, and public access.

Project documents can be found here.

Historical Maps

1890 Map

1916 Map